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What's under Speedy's helmet? by Joshystar
What's under Speedy's helmet?
"thought a bit of helmet hair was bad for me? my head's ablaze!" - Speedy

If anyone ever wondered what was underneath Speedy's helmet?
well now you guys know!

Speedy belongs to me!
Vehicle Blueprint: Bugbomber by Joshystar
Vehicle Blueprint: Bugbomber
The Bugbomber is a hand-built vehicle made by the 3 smartest people in Guicheng for use by Kerri;
-Dorothy did the original design herself, why she picked a bee as the shape is unknown, but it has proven to be streamlined and quick, she also has installed a series of devices into the Bugbomber including a radar, stealth system and, as a personal touch, a silent engine.
-Wilson did the weapons, adding the wings to make the vehicle fly into the air like a plane when extended, as well as the rocket launcher built into the bottom having a razor-sharp point to pierce metal like an actual bee sting.
-Ishi did the neccessary research for the whole thing, though was confused to why Dorothy wanted to do a bee-shaped vehicle as much as anyone...

the characters mentioned belong to me!
(I'm going to get things straight first, De Volucribus is latin!)

"ok, what is it that you want to show me?"
"oh just this..."
The lab lights flickered, turning on fully, within was the familiar chemical smell and the bright colours, but Wilson was still in a rather giddy mood.

"Wilson, if it's another potion you want to try-" Kerri started, before Wilson cut her off, "Much better; me, Dorothy and Ishi had been working day and night to show you this!" he then hits a hidden button.
A hidden door then opens up, inside was a garage, but the most noteable thing was what appeared to be an SUV in the middle of the room.

"Is that for me?" Kerri asked, "Yep, but it's just the dust cover on it." Wilson said, pulling the cover off, revealing a vehicle shaped like a wasp underneath it.
"This is the Bugbomber, your new hoverbike, this thing is built for covert operations; Armor-piercing rockets, extendable wings for flight, even a slient engine for use during the night." Wilson said, Kerri was visibly touched by this, unable to say anything.

After a few minutes, Kerri breaks the silence, "How come I'm getting Deja-vu here anyway?" she said, "Anyway, am I allowed to ride that right now?", "Sorry but no, Fear's orders." Wilson replied, this upset Kerri a little knowing about her father's overprotectiveness, but she understood all too well.
"Besides, this thing isn't legally allowed on the road yet, I've already been barred from genetic work, I don't want to be banned from mechanics either." Wil added on.

"Anyway, when will it be ready?" Kerri then asked, "Not for a few hours..." Wilson replied, hearing this Kerri went back upstairs, "Tell Trapper I'll be at the bar!" she yelled down to him.
Later on, Kerri was sat at a table in the bar, she wasn't alone as she was with Dorothy and Trapper, along with Fiona, a dragoness and mage apprentice, the group often gathered to chat at times as well as to have a little 'gal time'.
"So why did you bring us here today?" Dorothy asked, "You've seen that Bugbomber Wil made for me, right?" Kerri asked her, "I've built it, why?" she replied, "He won't let me ride that over legal issues..." Kerri added on.

"Oh, I saw that too, looks like a croc to ride." Trapper said, sounding cheerful, "I'd bet my hat your father would string me high and dry for using it though.", "Kerri, have you thought about doing a 'night flight' with it?" Fiona said, "What?..." Kerri asked.
"A night flight, you know, sneaking it out, I could even fly with you as a helper." Fiona said, Kerri was about to object when she cut her off again, "I casted spells behind Potami's back and the only thing bad that happened to me was getting a second tail for a few hours."

"Huh...maybe we should, meet me in the lab tonight then, we'll sneak it out and fly around together, without hopefully running into Blume." Kerri said, Fiona made a slight squeal of joy before composing herself, "Ok then, I'll see you tonight." she then replied.
"By the way Kerri, do you know what Wilson's going to be doing tonight?" Dorothy asked, the others looked in a bit of confusion hearing this, "I think he's going to be alone, why?" Kerri then asked, " reason Kerri." Dorothy replied, Kerri wondered why she would ask her this.
Meanwhile back in the factory, King Crush's minions were still repairing the hole from the slime incident, visibly he was ballistic about failing, as he was throwing knives at a picture of Kerri on the wall, some of his minions were watching on and a few were scared of their 'king'.
One knife nails the picture in the eye, "The best shot on her!" he then yells, "That halfblood, the cheek of her blowing me up with dynamite!", he then looked up towards the hole again, seeing the sunset sky, this then sparks up a new idea; an aerial attack in the midst of the night should be the perfect way to strike.

"By the way, ultimate ruler of machines, there are two notices for you, firstly is the love poem you wrote for Miss Lip Lass of Dysection, do you-" The computer started to say before King Crush cuts her off, "YES! Just stay silent about it!".
"Your second notice my king," The computer then said, "Is that I have located a guy who is of similar traits to you, he is named Duke Nightmare, ruler of evil toons, shall I send him a message requesting you to meet him?", "Fine, fine, whatever, just make sure he doesn't try anything funny." King Crush replied, before looking back through the hole.

"Oh Kerri, this time you're in for a storm you won't survive!" King Crush then said to hiself, his minions gave him strange looks before he ordered them to get back to work...
Out in the midst of the night, Fiona comes over to the manor, at this time the only people who would be awake would be Trapper since she is working on trap designs, and Kerri, since she was expecting her.
"Was it hard getting in here Fiona?" Kerri asked her when they meet up, "Nah not really," She replied, "Anyway where is this Bugbomber?", "It's down in the lab, follow me." Kerri said before guiding her down and pushing the hidden button to open the garage.

Inside is the Bugbomber, which is still parked like Wilson left it, but he had placed an electric lock on the screen, this was something Fiona easily took care of by casting an electric blast onto it, disabling the lock, Kerri then pried it off and starts the hoverbike up, "Guess you want to come aboard as well?" she asked Fiona, "No thanks, I've got wings remember?" she replied.
Kerri then pushes a button on the side of the vehicle, opening a hatch out of the garage to the outside, the two girls then fly outside into the night, ill-aware of what is going to happen...
Out in the midst of the night, the two girls flew over the spanning desert ground outside the town, "Does it feel good to do this, Kerri?" Fiona asked, "If you're implying that it feels good to defy my daddy's orders, I've done that before, but yeah it does feel nice to do this." Kerri replied.
They both get back to flying after a slight silence, but during the flight Fiona is nearly sent crashing to the ground by something almost invisible, but before she crashes Kerri grabs her arm and pulls her up onto the Bugbomber, "What was that?!" she then yelled.

The Bugbomber's onboard systems then show a radar with a strangely fast blip on it, "We've got company!" Kerri yelled as a CRUSH robot flew towards the two, it has a pattern akin to a picnic table for some reason, but what stands out is that it had a gel gun filled with red gel and a pair of dragonfly wings.
"Oh hello girls, out for a night flight too huh?" King Crush's voice said through the machine, he sounded unusually calm especially after the last time, "Why do you ask?" Kerri replied, "Oh I thought I'd have one too as well as to use my new Dragonfly model for a little fun..." King Crush said before his machine flew off in the direction of the town.

"If that thing gets to home, it'll raze everything to the ground!" Kerri said as she begins chasing it with Fiona following after her, her hands charged with lightning magic at the ready.
Fortunately it doesn't take long to find the airbourne assailant and block it, "King Crush, you're not destroying anything with that thing!" Kerri yelled at him, "It's gonna be tougher to fool you then..." King Crush replied, before the Dragonfly robot turns the gel gun on the girls and fires.

Luckily the gun misses entirely, and as it reloaded, Kerri swerved the Bugbomber around, with Fiona holding onto her, "Fiona, that model's going to keep following us now that King Crush's been caught out." Kerri said, "We'll need to lure it awway before smashing it, so hold on!" she added on as she drove the Bugbomber in the other direction, with the Dragonfly robot chasing in hot pursuit.
The chase leads to a swampy marsh; dank and murky as well as an oddly huge lone hut built on an island, the two groups fly by it as the they slow down over a large marsh pit with something large and scaly swimming inside it.
"That looks like an alligator down there Kerri..." Fiona said, "If something falls into that slop they're done for.", this gives Kerri an idea as she whispers it to her.

"You two have picked your graves already?" the robot said, "now to finish things for good!", it then fires another shot of red gel, missing again and colliding with the swamp water, creating a smokescreen that covers the Bugbomber.
The robot clears away the smoke with its wings, as soon as the Bugbomber is then revealed, Kerri was the only one on it, Fiona had vanished, "How the-" the robot started to say before someone tapped it on the shoulder and it turns to look.

"Shocked?" Someone said as the robot was struck with an electrified punch, it still floats in the air however, Kerri then leaps onto the robot and pries the chest hatch open, exposing the electromagnetic power core inside.
Both the girls then manage to grab the core and rip it out, de-powering the robot and making the wings on it slow down as the girls then get back on the Bugbomber, while the robot falls into the swampy marsh below.

"King Crush isn't using that anytime soon." Kerri said as the two began to fly back to the town, Fiona looked back and saw the robot halfway in the swamp water before the gator drags it undertow, guaranteeing it to be lost.
The girls manage to get back and park the Bugbomber in the lab and reattach the lock, before the light suddenly flung on, "Had a nice night out you two?" a familiar voice said, scaring the girls.
At the door was Wilson, he was furious seeing this, and next to him was Potami, a Kelpie who worked as the town's head librarian, as well as Fiona's magic tutor, she was mad at the two as well, "You two are in so much trouble!" she yelled.

"Why did you two use it when I specifically told you not to?!" Wilson added on, the girls this time were unable to say anything, as Fiona then dropped the robot's power core from earlier, "Is that a CRUSH core?" Wil then asked, both girls nod to this to cover what they did, "Oh...I get it now, I'll make sure Fear doesn't know." He said to this.
"You're still in trouble though Fiona." Potami said as she dragged the dragoness out the room by her wing, "Not the wing, not the wing!" Fiona said, in slight pain.

"Now listen Kerri," Wil started, "If you told me King Crush was attacking again, I could've let you use the Bugbomber.", "Oh...well that's good to know." Kerri said, as Wilson headed back upstairs, "At least he doesn't know I took it for a ride..." she muttered to herself, before he yelled at her, "Heard that, you're grounded!", "Great..." she then said, accepting the punishment at least and heading back upstairs to sleep...
Back in the factory, King Crush was furious that his newest prototype got destroyed, "My king, calm down before you blow a fuse, you don't want to break in front of Duke Nightmare, do you?" his computer said, "I DON'T CARE! That white-haired, Sharp-toothed halfblood and her dragon-mage friend destroyed the only Dragonfly model I built!" King Crush yelled.
"Incoming transmission!" His computer then said, before the monitor changed to someone hiding in shadows except for their purple eyes, "T'is King Crush?" it asked, sounding like a girl, "What do you want?" He replied with clenched teeth, "I'm on your side, meet me at that rock in the desert shaped like a ring..." before it disconnected...

Now who was this mysterious stranger, and why did she call him? And what about that lone hut in the swamp, who owned it?...
Fear Tech Stories: De Volucribus
The long overdue second story I have written up, this links on to the first one.

Duke Nightmare - :iconredknight33:
Lip Lass - :iconcouchpotato1234:

The other characters (excluding the referenced ones) belong to me!
King Crush's Hardlight Program by Joshystar
King Crush's Hardlight Program
"one duplicate is good enough, four duplicates are better, Kerri and her friends better watch out!" - King Crush, one hour after successful test of Hardlightdupes.exe program.

This new little toy of King Crush's allows him to create hardlight duplicates of himself to act as either decoys or attacks.
To explain hardlight a bit for those not used to this kind of thing, Hardlight is a type of solid hologram, capable of interacting with actual objects as though they are solid, however they aren't powerful enough to last long, and will fade away sooner or later.

In short, this makes King Crush use even more variants as part of his monster-destroying army, just note that the hardlight duplicates have no flames whenever he flies, nor do they have any other effects like their own shadow since, well they are purely light constructs.

King Crush belongs to me!
Kerri's Katana Dash by Joshystar
Kerri's Katana Dash
Here, Kerri is making a stealthy rush within one of Guicheng's alleyways, katana armed at the ready and just waiting to slash any rogue machines into pieces.

Kerri belongs to me!
copied from :iconpumpkinlol:

A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He’ll see what’s going on and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another deviant."

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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
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to whoever owns the stamps below, I give credit to you.
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