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Within the Prototyping Room by Joshystar Within the Prototyping Room :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 11 Dawn's Cavern by Joshystar Dawn's Cavern :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 5 The father demon by Joshystar The father demon :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 7 Slime mistake by Joshystar Slime mistake :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 4 5 Guicheng Creatures by Joshystar Guicheng Creatures :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 2 0 Cute little Glitch (Gift) by Joshystar Cute little Glitch (Gift) :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 0 1 Obligatory Cone meme by Joshystar Obligatory Cone meme :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 0 3
Fear Tech Stories: Hexes and Curses

At the Gorgon's Eye, Kerri and Fiona were relaxing the day away, after what had happened with King Crush's last few schemes they deserved a break, and what could've been a better choice than the town's finest bar?
The two were sat at a table, and unusually it was a little quiet today, which got Kerri a little confused since it was usually packed, "Hey, Lev, you there?" she said, talking to the bartender, a cactus cat girl, as she came over to the two, "Please tell me you know what happened to Miles." she said, sounding a little concerned about something.
This got the girls' interest, "What happened with him?" Fiona asked, "I dunno, it was during the night and I saw him acting rather weird...well weirder than usual, he was like in a trance." Lev said, "Pretty sure hypnosis is normal..." Kerri said, before Lev looked towards her, "Not like this, I checked with the police chief this morning and she said that there's nobody in this town with hypnotic abilities,
:iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 1
Fear Tech Stories: Kings of the Road


In the mansion's garage, Speedy had managed to salvage an old dragster chassis from the local junkyard, and was doing some fixes on it, this was one of the rare few moments where Speedy was actually doing something productive instead of being a lazy jerk.
A set of footsteps can be heard, and a shadow comes over the mechanic ghost, with him coming out from under; it was Dawn, a dust devil and one of the bandits and a surprisingly good friend of the fire ghost, "Ya called for me?" she asked him.
Speedy came out from underneath and got up, covered in oil, "Yeah I did Dawn, found this old junker and was fixing it up, ya mind helping?" he asked, Dawn nodded and, knowing what to do, passed him car parts while he worked on the engine, "What got ya into this anyway?" Dawn asked, Speedy unusually did a sigh, not sounding happy.
"Well Dawn, I'm gonna be deep with ya..." he started, "Back before the Fear Tech days, while I was still flesh n' b
:iconjoshystar:Joshystar 2 0
Fear Tech Stories: Dictator's Grasp
In the midst of a sandstorm, the city was on lockdown so the rushing winds wouldn't harm anyone, during this storm however, a figure could be seen moving towards the town, a familiar cloaked figure with a crown, since nobody was outside however they wouldn't be able to see it, nor see this person fall down in front of the Fear Tech mansion...
Within a few hours, the rushing sands subside, and the first few people start coming out to check if the place was safe, one of them being Janet, the first Fear Tech maid, and in a bit of habit, went to go shopping, that is when she found this figure.
In an act of curiousity, she approached the unconscious figure and examined it, but became surprised by who it was, and knew what to do...
In the mansion, Kerri, Trapper, Wilson and Fear were trying to keep warm, since they had no idea the sandstorms had stopped and the heating was cut off to avoid any serious damages if it broke the pipes, which meant the
:iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 3
King Crush's Lieutenants by Joshystar King Crush's Lieutenants :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 4 3 Fiona, Thunder apprentice by Joshystar Fiona, Thunder apprentice :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 2 1 Plushie Kerri Christmas by Joshystar Plushie Kerri Christmas :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 2 6 Dorothy, Scientist of Guicheng by Joshystar Dorothy, Scientist of Guicheng :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 4 4 Merry Christmas, Master Chief *Request* by Joshystar Merry Christmas, Master Chief *Request* :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 1 1 Dinah and Sean *request* by Joshystar Dinah and Sean *request* :iconjoshystar:Joshystar 3 2


The New Missy by PumpkinLOL The New Missy :iconpumpkinlol:PumpkinLOL 19 6 Dorothy's Device Testing Page 1 by Thrillseeker9000
Mature content
Dorothy's Device Testing Page 1 :iconthrillseeker9000:Thrillseeker9000 13 3
Dorothy's Device Testing Page 2 by Thrillseeker9000
Mature content
Dorothy's Device Testing Page 2 :iconthrillseeker9000:Thrillseeker9000 13 2
Fanart of Joshystar by jonwii Fanart of Joshystar :iconjonwii:jonwii 4 0 Denise Blackheart by TimGaukerToons Denise Blackheart :icontimgaukertoons:TimGaukerToons 4 60 for Joshystar by Youngngifted for Joshystar :iconyoungngifted:Youngngifted 6 23 Josh Digital Version by MarcosPsychic Josh Digital Version :iconmarcospsychic:MarcosPsychic 4 16 Josh Newcommer by MarcosPsychic Josh Newcommer :iconmarcospsychic:MarcosPsychic 3 10 Joshystar/Full Sketch/Tek by CharZarz Joshystar/Full Sketch/Tek :iconcharzarz:CharZarz 3 11 Gold Mask The Ghost -Point Commision Card- by MarcosPsychic Gold Mask The Ghost -Point Commision Card- :iconmarcospsychic:MarcosPsychic 3 2
Worlds cross over. How did this happen?
Kid stepped onto a balcony that over looked Death city. As he pondered what his dad, Death’s real intentions were, finding all Eibon’s magic tools. He sighed, knowing he’d never get any straight answer from Lord Death. He turned around, Liz and Patty was there.  
“Everyone has been wondering where you got off to, Kid.” Liz said calmly.
“Yeah, didn’t you remember that Maka invited us over for lunch?” Patty exclaimed in her usual ways.
“Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me.  Let’s go to Maka and Soul’s place now, girls.” Kid replied, as calmly as he always did. He walked past Liz and Patty. Liz could tell, Kid had something on his mind. She wanted to find out what it was though.
They arrived at Maka’s place not shortly after leaving the balcony. Soul opened the door, “Hey Kid, we were just wondering where you got off to.” Soul said as Kid walked in.
“I just forgot about dinner here, tha
:iconaskshady:AskShady 2 0
Heads Up! Free Premium Membership Scam
Hello dears,
A link is being shared around about a secret premium membership giveaway by Deviantart
and only a few lucky people know about this secret and oh super awesome event.
You're supposed to give a link to 9 people and you get a premium membership..a whole week extension..:slow: that's just impossible!

:bulletpink: Look at the URL, if it's not, then close the tab immediately. Don't trust these kind of events or giveaways that are off-site. Especially if they look like that they are done by deviantART and if they asked you about your email and other information.
:bulletpink: :faq660: ..just in case. :B
Stay safe, people!
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Looks Like A Wave of Account Hacking / Spam
Here is a reminder. I am not a staff member. I am not even a community volunteer. I am just a regular member.
I am not responsible for the staff of Deviantart, nor do I represent them.
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Fiend's Claw -Point Comission Card- by MarcosPsychic Fiend's Claw -Point Comission Card- :iconmarcospsychic:MarcosPsychic 2 6 Josh and Frost .:Avatar:. for Joshystar... by PiggiePotato Josh and Frost .:Avatar:. for Joshystar... :iconpiggiepotato:PiggiePotato 2 6 E.Sapphire gave birth to Rue by jacobbistherabbit E.Sapphire gave birth to Rue :iconjacobbistherabbit:jacobbistherabbit 4 6




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so Happy Birthday to me :3
Within the Prototyping Room
When it comes to creating new C.R.U.S.H. model androids, it doesn't hurt to experiment, however King Crush did do a mistake...his worst one as a matter of fact; Project Scorp.

King Crush and Project Scorp belong to me!
(don't yell at me here guys, everyone's doing it)
This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. I suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but it's better than not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone!
Dawn's Cavern
Here we have an image of Dawn, an Alpha Dust Devil, relaxing in her home in the caves beneath Guicheng, she certainly seemed welcoming to whoever she met...Hopefully she doesn't get any ideas.

Dawn belongs to me!
copied from :iconpumpkinlol:

A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He’ll see what’s going on and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another deviant."

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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
Hosted By Anime

What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime

to whoever owns the stamps below, I give credit to you.
Stop it by mukukuro Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari:thumb288617930:



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