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In the midst of a sandstorm, the city was on lockdown so the rushing winds wouldn't harm anyone, during this storm however, a figure could be seen moving towards the town, a familiar cloaked figure with a crown, since nobody was outside however they wouldn't be able to see it, nor see this person fall down in front of the Fear Tech mansion...

Within a few hours, the rushing sands subside, and the first few people start coming out to check if the place was safe, one of them being Janet, the first Fear Tech maid, and in a bit of habit, went to go shopping, that is when she found this figure.

In an act of curiousity, she approached the unconscious figure and examined it, but became surprised by who it was, and knew what to do...
In the mansion, Kerri, Trapper, Wilson and Fear were trying to keep warm, since they had no idea the sandstorms had stopped and the heating was cut off to avoid any serious damages if it broke the pipes, which meant they all had to get Speedy right next to them.

"Ok guys, not cool," Speedy said, "just because I'm like a fire doesn't mean you can use me as a heater..." he didn't sound real happy, but everyone just kept him between them to keep warm.

The door then swung open, with Janet coming through and dragging someone in, getting the group's attention as well as giving Speedy some breathing room, but mystery became anger when this figure was seen close; it was none other than King Crush, albeit somebody had been damaging him to the point he wasn't functioning properly, even his fake face was torn badly.

"Why is King Crush here?" Fear questioned, "I-I-I don't know, I just found him like this outside the mansion grounds." Janet replied, while they were arguing, King Crush's body whirred a bit and then projected a hologram, with Kerri and Wilson paying attention to it.

This hologram had no volume, however it did show something; after King Crush's last scheme with the dragonfly model, he recieved a message from someone who claimed would help him, but when he did meet them, this person, still in the dark, struck King Crush down and damaged him badly, presumably to make sure he didn't tell any witnesses, what was unusual though is that this person was somewhat distinguishable, showing they had a purple military outfit on.

"I don't recognize anyone with that outfit." Wil said, curious to who would want to whack KC this badly, "I don't know, but whoever it is, I'll bet they're hiding somewhere in the city." Kerri said, Speedy eavesdropped on this over the two, "militant guy no doubt, let me at them!" he said eagerly, the two knew he always had a thing for chaos, and since this mystery assailant had a military outfit...

"Fine Speedy, you take them on..." Kerri said, she did NOT want to deal with Speedy being rude again after the sandstorm and the last attack attempt, Speedy simply took this as a sign of her saying 'yes' and quickly left, with his new fire pistols equipped.
Several hours later and Speedy still hadn't turned up, normally the team wouldn't be worried but Speedy was usually there and back in an instant, this is what made them think; who would benefit from taking out King Crush?

While Wil and Dorothy were doing repairs on him, Kerri, Fear and Janet remained in the main room, when the door opened they raised the expectations, until it turned out to be only Fiona, which got them worried again, "something up guys?" she asked them, "someone's been trying to get at King Crush so we sent Speedy out to investigate and he hasn't come back." Kerri said, at which that moment, Speedy gets flung through the window, breaking it with him unconscious and beaten up.

"Keeeeerrrrriiiiiiiiii!" a female voice yelled from outside, when she got a look she found it to be the same person who had attacked KC; she looked human but if she was capable of attacking both KC and Speedy without any problem, she wouldn't be, not only that but she had clothes that would be considered futuristic, even for Guicheng, so she wasn't from around here...

"who is that?" Fiona asked, "no idea, but I'll find out..." Kerri said, getting her katana ready and heading outside to meet this assailant on the battlefield.
When the two meet face to face, "Now who are you?" Kerri asked, katana drawn and ready, "Not that it's important, I'm Julia, and that stick is useless against me." she said, getting out what appears to be a grey cloud of smoke in her hand, "Care to explain what that is?" Kerri then asked, "Nanorobotics, my personal tool." she replied, forming the nanobots into a sort of imitation of Kerri's blade, "Now, let us duel!"

The two then clashed blades, katana slamming against katana, fist against fist, kick against kick, the two were basically like twins, knowing the same tactics, the same attacks, even the same skill level, they just keep clashing blade against blade, until Kerri flips backwards and makes Julia miss.

"Explain me this; why did you attack King Crush anyway?" Kerri said between deflects, "because he's a king, and there's only one person fit to be royal, and that is ME!" Julia replied through strikes, "so you're basically saying you just attacked him because you thought he was a real king?!" Kerri yelled back, this gets under Julia's skin as she kicked her back.

Kerri remained balanced and angled her blade, ready to block Julia's next attack, which came as a dashing strike, and as Kerri blocked it, nothing happened at first, until Julia's duplicate blade split in half; Kerri had actually struck the imitation, as a result it split the blade in half, meaning Julia had to think of something else.

Not thinking that well, Julia turned the sword back into a cloud and began adopting a fighting stance, "I dare you now, Kerri!" she yelled, Kerri immediately suspected something and kept her distance, but Julia then suddenly...disappeared?

Something then struck Kerri from behind; it was Julia, albeit tiny, she had actually shrunk herself to a tiny size, the careless inchling however gave away what she was as well as her tactic, with Kerri preparing to fight back now, sheathing the katana.

Julia then proceeds to send Kerri crashing into the ground, tackling her ankle, Kerri however was ready for this by doing a flip, sending the tiny inchling into the air without any wings, and in a panic, was forced to grow back to regular size, only for Kerri to grapple her by the legs and pin her to the ground, but this was a short-lived tactic as Julia then shrank again, this was a careless move again as this revealed her trick; she was using her belt to grow and shrink whenever she pleased.

Predicting the inchling's assault, Julia attempted to strike her down from the head this time, but Kerri retaliated by simply moving to the left, making Julia's attack fail and forcing her to grow again, but this was a doomed tactic, as Kerri grabbed her by the belt now and tore it off, rendering her unable to try and outfox her now, and to ensure this she crushes the belt buckle under her foot.

In an attempt to try and beat her now, Julia grabs her by the ankles, but Kerri counters by kicking her head and then grappling her to the ground, once she gets off Julia remained there, defeated from the combat, and worn out, Kerri heads back inside the mansion to tell everyone the news.
"At least we know who attacked KC and Speedy now," Fear said, "that belt she had though, it was clear it's not human technology.", "Yeah, but with her gone she'll come back sooner or later." Kerri said, the door then swung open; Wilson was rushing in beaten up, "we got a problem!" he yelled.

Wilson had explained that during the fight, King Crush, behind Wil's back, had reassembled himself and managed to flee the mansion while Kerri was distracted, "Sounds like he'll be coming back after us then." Kerri said.

"hey where'd that military girl go?" Speedy said, having recovered during the battle, when Kerri looked through the window Julia had vanished along with her belt, no trace whatsoever...
Back at the factory however, Julia was going to the throne room to meet with King Crush.

In there, King Crush broke the silence between them, "clever trick you pulled there, damaging me to the point that I could hijack some of their research.", "Thanks, but this was a one-time deal, officially, we're done." Julia said, but as she was about to leave KC stopped her, "not quite yet Julia, I know you seek to be the one royal here and I seek to hunt every monster, perhaps...we could work together?" he said to her.

Julia took this as an opportunity; she had met Kerri head-on and knows full on well she's a viable target for her, not only that but she knows that KC isn't a real king, but also has access to some pretty powerful weapons she would need in her mission.

"Consider it a deal, King Crush..." Julia said, "Great, now I have a feeling we'll need to think a little more logical now..." King Crush said, "oh I'm well ahead of you there, I've heard of a guy who has a bit of beef with Speedy, perhaps we could try and coax him into helping us out..." Julia said.

This cemented a new idea with the newly-formed partnership, and soon to be team...what does KC and Julia have planned...?
Fear Tech Stories: Dictator's Grasp
Looks like King Crush has been attacked and a new enemy is in the midst, or is there?...

No references this time, so all characters are property of me!
King Crush's Lieutenants
The lieutenants King Crush has recruited to his cause;

Julia; Inchling dictator
Julia, naturally as an inchling would be only an inch-tall, but her background is that she is raised in royalty just like Kerri is, unlike her however she took her upbringing for granted and became bratty, spoilt and greedy, believing she alone is worthy of being royal, initially she is against King Crush but later joined him upon realising he isn't a real king.
Threat Level: High
Abilities; Height manipulation (via her belt, secretly a shrink/grow device), Nanobot usage, expert at Xing Yi Quan.
Introduced in; Dictator's Grasp

Slick; Ice Ghost
Slick, real name Vic, was a former racer just like Speedy, in fact he was the very same guy responsible for Speedy's death, having knocked him and causing his car to explode, this was a double-edged sword however because Slick crashed into a tanker truck containing liquid nitrogen, and froze to death, but even as an undead being he still wants to prove his faster than his rival, and right now the stakes are raised...
Threat Level; Medium
Abilities; Icy arm (can morph into weapons, like an axe), enhanced speed (looks like he ice skates), eyes hint at insanity, practices Drunken Fist fighting style.
Introduced in; Kings of the Road

Ameline; Voodoo Priestess
Ameline is perhaps the most innocent one here; she used to live alone in a swamp which somehow thrived in the desert around Guicheng as she was thrown out of her home village, she began believing nobody would like her because of her figure, which a certain android took advantage of, but it's only a matter of time until she realises she had been played...
Threat Level; Low
Abilities; Voodoo magics (controls undead and some plant life), huge size, expert at Sumo.
Introduced in; Hexes and Curses
Fiona, Thunder apprentice
A dragoness, Fiona is one of Kerri's closest friends, and is also quite a rebellious spirit (not as bad as Speedy at the very least), unlike traditional ones however Fiona is studying under Guicheng's top mage as an apprentice, and so far she has excelled in using thunder-based magic, she also developed a slight resilience to electricity too.
She is also a distant cousin of Agent 8, meaning she has access to the mansion at any time.

Fiona belongs to me!
Plushie Kerri Christmas
In time for Christmas, this is a little present of a plushie toy version of a certain half-demon heroine, right down to her tough appearance and even attire.


Kerri belongs to me.
Dorothy, Scientist of Guicheng
Dorothy is an alien gal and really talented in the field of mechanical science, and as she is still sort of a new face in Guicheng, she is a little naive and curious about Earth itself and wants to experience a lot of what it has to offer, provided she doesn't get her cover blown...
She is also romantically interested in Wilson, which is why they are commonly seen together, he is also the one who gave her her name because her real one is rather...unpronouncable, in English.

Dorothy belongs to me!
copied from :iconpumpkinlol:

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